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Choose to Challenge Awareness

Women have important roles in the prevention and resolution of Conflicts. The Organization is sensitive and open to the human realities experienced by women in the area .This training is to enlighten them to the pathway to decision making and consolidate the women voices .

UN 1325 in an area of interest to us and we commit to implement.

The purpose of this forum was to encourage the participation of young mothers in peace building in Kisauni. It also aimed to build the capacity of young mothers in matters of peace-building and skills to advocate peace in their community.

A major challenge is that women are often not perceived to have the skills, knowledge or social status needed to bring about change in post-conflict environments. Changing this requires a mind-shift by negotiators and mediators on how they view the role of women.

We realized the following quick statistics during our last activity in 23rd March 2021;

10% of the young mothers in the #WamamaKwanza Forum think that their opinions don't matter in the communities, 50% have self-confident, 40% Accept Rejection, 70% ask for directions/advice when they're lost and 20% ask for help when they need.

These statistics were realized after a session on Self Awareness Assessment that aimed to reflect and visualize their own characters. This statistics were obtained In a reflective session conducted by Mary Maina during the #WamamaKwanza Session . Young Mothers were engaged to assess their perceptions , perspectives ,feelings and views using questions.

I choose to challenge will be achieved if all women will speak out on biases and inequalities

23% Speaking up and asking questions at a meeting.

48% Commenting about being interrupted by another person.

20% Stating your views to an authority figure.

45% Confronting repair people who overcharge, do not do work or do not show up for appointments.

“I Choose to challenge end of toxic feminism”

50% Speaking in front of a group.

62% Maintaining eye contact, keeping your head upright, and leaning forward in personal conversation.

“I Choose to challenge the attitude towards young single mothers, we're human beings and deserve to be respected”

62% Being especially competent, using your authority and/or power without labeling yourself as impolite, aggressive or pushy.

30% Requesting expected service when you have not received it

70% Talking positively about your accomplishments.

80% Being expected to apologize for something and not apologizing since you feel you are right.

“I Choose to challenge people who violate children's rights

40% Requesting the return of borrowed items without being apologetic.

50% Receiving a compliment by saying something assertive to acknowledge you agree with the person complimenting you.

40% Accepting rejection.

60% Asking questions if you don't understand a term or procedure.

70% Asking for directions when you are lost.

20% Asking for help when you need it.

“I Choose to challenge those who intimidate women on Hijabs and Buibuis”

24% Refusing to accept plans or suggestions you feel are inappropriate

30% Telling others at a meeting if you are angry or disappointed.

50% Looking and acting self-confident in public meetings.

10% Feeling that your opinions are respected by others.

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