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Youth and Women for Peace and Sustainable Development (YOWPSUD) is a vibrant non-governmental organization focused on governance, peacebuilding, development, and social justice in Kenya. YOWPSUD strives to address marginalization and inequality by advancing the role of women and youth in the social, economic, and democratic spheres. To drive systemic change, we collaborate with institutions and support local communities to foster peace and sustainable development in line with Kenya's Vision 2030 blueprint and the 2010 Constitution.


To achieve our objectives, YOWPSUD recognizes the value of developing a strategic plan to reconfirm the organization’s vision and to establish a design process and approach for effective implementation and sustainability of its mandate over the next 3 years. The strategic plan will enable YOWPSUD to clearly define its objectives and priorities, ensuring responsiveness and accountability to the ever-evolving social, political, and economic landscapes impacting youth, women, and communities in the present day.



Scope of work and proposed methodology

YOWPSUD seeks a consultant to spearhead the process of developing a 3-year strategic plan working closely with the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. The consultant will report directly to the Executive Director.

The scope of work for the consultant will include but not limited to;

·         Analysis and review of existing relevant documents provided by YOWPSUD, including but not limited to YOWPSUD’s key organizational documents such as proposals, evaluations, research studies/reports, publications and institutional policies developed.

·         Conduct key informant interviews with YOWPSUD board, staff, and key stakeholders.

·         Based on the findings of the KIIs, the consultant will use this information and lessons about areas of convergence and divergence in terms of opinions and recommendations to then design a well-targeted, effective one two-day strategic planning workshop in Mombasa.

·         Conduct one two-day strategy workshop and consultations with YOWPSUD Board, team, and key stakeholders’ maximum twelve participants.

·         Work with YOWPSUD to define mission, vision, objectives, and priorities of the organization.

·         Assess the strengths and weaknesses of our approach by examining internal and external factors impacting the direction of our work, while delivering an analysis of our current operational context.

·         Refine and articulate clear strategic objectives and key result areas, and spell out the intervention logic, approach and capacities based on current and future focus areas.

·         Finalize the strategic plan and submit to YOWPSUD for review and approval.


Duration of the assignment and key deliverables

The duration of the assignment is fourteen working days spread over two months May-July 2024. Progress will be assessed on a regular basis so that any required adaptation can be agreed in a timely manner.

The following are key deliverables;

·         Conduct key informant interviews with YOWPSUD board, staff, and key stakeholders.

·         Design a well-targeted one two-day strategic workshop in Mombasa.

·         Provide an analysis report from document review, consultations, and workshop with key stakeholders and YOWPSUD board and staff.

·         Final strategic plan document between 15-18 pages with the following proposed structure;

1.      About the organization

2.      Introduction to the SP; why this SP, who is the audience, how is it structured, etc.

3.      Methodology for producing the SP.

4.      Context analysis (well-researched, 3 pages max) tied closely as possible with the organization’s mandate and practice areas e.g. preventing and countering violent extremism (PCVE), youth and women development, social accountability etc. using combination of: (i.) a forward-looking but general PESTEL analysis and (ii.) a political economy analysis-PEA focusing on current and projected: (i.) conflict, (ii.) security, (iii.) governance and (iv.) social dynamics in Coastal and Northern Kenya.

5.      SWOT analysis: well-justified diagrammatic presentation supported with a narrative section.

6.      Revised institutional vision, mission, and strategic objectives (maximum 4) drawing from both the context and SWOT analyses.

7.      Description of the thrust of each strategic objective (SO) and the strategic initiatives and activity areas to be pursued to achieve each SO.

8.      Detail and justify a clear institutional framework (including resource mobilization approaches) for implementing the plan.

9.      Description of organizational processes, such as annual operational planning, which are needed to implement the SP (in phases).

10.  Description of a performance management plan for tracking implementation and results over the lifetime of the plan.

11.   Risk management plan: description of the assumptions upon which the plan is based, and critically; the risks that may affect implementation, the likelihood and impact of these risks, and specific mitigation measures.


Qualifications and experience

o   Advanced university degree in organization development, social sciences, management, strategic planning, or other related fields.

o   At least 10 years of relevant experience in strategic plan and organizational development

o   Good understanding of NGO operations is an asset.

Skills and competencies

o   Skills in facilitation of stakeholder workshops

o   Must be result-oriented, visionary and a team player.

o   Capable of completing tasks within tight deadlines with minimum supervision.

o   Excellent written and oral communications skills in English and Kiswahili with strong interpersonal and professional skills in interacting with NGOs and development partners.

o   Evidence of having undertaken similar assignments.


How to apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications including an expression of interest indicating your understanding of the assignment and relevant experiences in strategy development, CV with two references, proposed methodology maximum 3 pages, time schedule, availability and budget to with subject “Development of Strategic Plan”. The application should be accompanied by at least two samples of strategic plans developed by the consultant. Applications should be submitted by 22nd of May 2024.

Incomplete proposals and those submitted after deadline will not be considered. Shortlisted candidates will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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