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The Role of Youth in Bridging Inter-Religious and Inter-Generational Gap

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Promoting new forms of community cooperation: Bridging the Inter-Generational gap

Guest Speakers: Shaban Mwero, Juma Zimbu and Ruweida Wanjiru live at Radio Salaam Mombasa Kenya.

Radio Host: Salim Zani of Radio Salaam Mombasa Kenya

There has been an existing gap between youth, religious and cultural leaders in co-existing and promoting issues on peace and security. Therefore, YOWPSUD is taking an active and lead role in readdressing this issue by bringing all parties to a dialogue on how to solve this.

"Storytelling inspires listeners to reflect thus contributing to Social Cohesion."

- Shakirina Youth Development

The Discussions were based on the following questions.

  1. What is the significance of inter-generational dialogue for youth in conflict resolution?

  2. How can we digitize African Traditional Stories in the modern world?

  3. How and Where can we use storytelling in promoting social cohesion among different groups?

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1 Comment

Emmanuel Kosholo
Emmanuel Kosholo
Oct 19, 2020

We need this idea/project implemented in kilifi county. There's more potential here.

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