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TIMUN 2020 is finally here

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The Youth of United Nations Association (YUNA) of Tanzania is set for the 23rd Tanzania International Model United Nations (TIMUN) 2020 happening in Arusha - Tanzania.

Tanzania International model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly in Tanzania, where young people from all over the world and from different backgrounds get an opportunity to practice their diplomatic and leadership skills through debates and discussions governed by the United Nations rules and procedures.

We are privileged to have YOWPSUD presented with two of our members in #TIMUN2020.

Theme "Youth Roles in Creating The Future We Want"

The set of Thematic Areas to be reviewed in depth is the following:

  1. Youth involvement in the Circular Economy Paradigm,

  2. Youth's Role in Peace Building

  3. Youth Role in Advocating Gender Based Violence and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

  4. Youth Skills for decent work and Employment

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