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Story of Resilience

My name is Rahma, born and raised in Kibera Slums, Nairobi. Being born in Kibera the largest slum in the world basic amenities was a big challenge. However my late dad and mom were determined to raise their 9 kids in the harsh environment...characterized by early pregnancies, drugs, violence and rape. Through their small business of selling clothes and perfume they managed to raise school fees but 3 meals per day was a luxury.

I was the first in the family to be enrolled to a local university through Islamic sponsorship program back then, my bigger siblings were doing casual jobs to chip in family expenses.

Life changed when i got employed in Wajir after graduation...through parents savings and bigger siblings contributions we managed to build a retirement home for the family in Wajir.

The rest is history but anybody in his or her own right can make it but it needs putting Allah first in all their affairs, determination and resilience.

YOWPSUD acknowledges the struggles women go through in all walks of life.

All the way from North Eastern Kenya, this is our first series on the #MyResilientStory.

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