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"Bemba ni Mwenye"

It's just you yourself narrative!

"It's just you" is a slang widely used in our community, often employed to shift blame or point fingers when someone decides to take action, whether for better or worse. This colloquial expression is subtly eroding the fabric of our community, particularly impacting the younger generation who have adopted it as a common refrain. The phrase tends to discourage individuals from proudly making decisions, whether positive or negative, as it implies that the responsibility lies solely with them. This killer narrative contributes to isolation and fosters a fear of speaking out, as individuals seek to avoid judgment and scrutiny. This phenomenon is especially prevalent among the youth in Kilifi County, Kenya, and addressing it is crucial for promoting a more supportive and inclusive community environment.

In January 2024, YOWPSUD collaborated with the youth MADVOCATE CBO in Kilifi South to craft a compelling spoken word piece addressing the reality of coexistence, reflecting on past and present scenarios. The focus was on emphasizing the significance of peaceful coexistence for community growth and sustainable peace. The initial plan involved recording the piece, and in partnership with MADVOCATE CBO, creating an audio-visual version.

The spoken word titled "It's just you yourself narrative" serves as a counter-narrative, challenging its common usage in the community. To enhance community understanding, the piece incorporates Mijikenda language, specifically Giriama. Mentees plan to facilitate open discussions during religious dialogues to elaborate on the piece's context. They are also taking the initiative to share the content on various platforms, reaching a broader audience. To make the content more relatable, YOWPSUD's communications department intends to assign roles to mentees from different sub-counties for role plays, depicting various characters and religious perspectives, to be documented in video form.

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