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1st Dialogue Workshop

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Harnessing the Potential of African Traditional Storytelling to PVE

The workshop brought together 50 participants who were selected wisely according to the iDove Africa cross border messaging program (Harnessing the potential of African traditional story telling in Preventing Violent Extremism) representing: - Youths, traditional elders, women, religious leaders, people with disabilities, community leaders and civil societies. The workshop was aiming at:

- Introducing and harnessing traditional storytelling to undermine the legitimacy and appeal of extremist narratives by providing alternative narratives that are based on peace and mutual understanding.

- Understanding and addressing the inter-generational gaps in order to enhance social cohesion and prevent violent extremism.

- Building a strong and inclusive P/CVE network in Kwale county that lasts beyond the scope of our project.

- Getting to know existing narratives on P/CVE in Kwale.

There were seven sessions in total and they were as follows:

Opening discussion on violent extremism: Session Facilitated by - Ali Salim

The participants were tasked to define the key terminologies and relate them to their current experiences in the community.

Identity, diversity and community: Session Facilitated by - Mary Mwachiti

Participants were taken through both the self-reflection on identity and exclusion circle.

In this session the participants realized how belonging to certain identity groups affects views about others.

Inter-generational gaps and conflicts: Session Facilitated by - Ali Salim

Participants realized that there is need for a proper intervention in bridging the gap which will help in attain social cohesion and peace.

Traditional ways of conflict resolution and PVE: Session Facilitated by - Muna Ismail

It came out clearly from the traditional leaders present that in the past there was different conflict resolution methods that we can incorporate into our modern world.

Presentation of assignments: the participants presented the assignment they were given according to the topic discussed in day 1.

The role of youth in PVE: Session Facilitated by - Martha Asena

In this session we realized that

-There is need to empower the youth for them to be able to sensitize other youth

-There is need for youth to take lead in Inter-faith/religion based leadership.

-Youth need to take lead in bringing change in the community.

Inter-generational dialogue for PVE: Session facilitated by: Ali Salim

In this session we realized that:

-There is need for these dialogues in the community level

-Both generations have a responsibility to merge the gap in preventing violent extremism.

-Traditional leaders have a responsibility to pass on their wisdom to the younger generation

The participants raised emerging issues affecting them as an individual and as society which were discussed. The issues raised during the sessions were as follows:

-The Government to respect the rights of the youth in matters of peace and to investigate any issue before using force while handling the youths. Also the Security agencies to be friendly to the community.

-Will the youth be well accommodated in the community when they get involved with “Kaya” or will they be mistaken to be practicing witchcraft?


Language barrier

Poor Network coverage

Lack of safe spaces for women to speak out

Lack of documentation of African Traditions in digital platforms

Lack of inter-generational dialogue platforms

Lesson Learnt

There is need for these dialogues to happen in the village level

Need for more dialogues

Sensitizing the elderly on how to package and present the traditional stories on social platforms

Kaya elders to involve the youth by familiarizing them to their culture to get rid of the misconceptions.

We observed women being more comfortable and vocal than usual during the conversations.


Exchange visits

Need for more dialogues

Sensitizing the elderly on how to package and present the traditional stories on

social platforms

Kaya elders to involve the youth by familiarizing them to their culture to get rid of

the misconceptions.

Parents to sit down with their children to know the issues they encounter and help

them in solving them.

There is need to incorporate the African Tradition in the school curriculum

There is need to document African Traditional Stories from Kwale County

There is need for YOWPSUD/iDove/African Union to incorporate the African Traditions in PVE

There is need for more training/capacity building to empower champions of peace.

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