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World Children's Day 2020

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

In November 20th 2020, we joined the #voicesofyouth challenge by supporting 27 children of age 13-24 with drawing materials to participate in the challenge of drawing their interpretation of how they want to build their world 🌎 after covid 19.

Thanks to the students and teachers from Concordia Primary school in Vikwatani for accepting the challenge and making it happen. The aim was to encourage the talented children who are less privileged to have their voices and talents heard in such awareness campaigns worldwide.

Challenge hosted by; United Nations

My name is David Kasimilu, Std 8 - #Concordia Primary School.

My picture is showing how life will be, the type of life that will be embraced after the #Covid19 pandemic.

Follow the Link to view the picture

See David's illustration here...

About this picture, there is our school gate locked since the pandemic stricken, it has really affected our studies.

Second picture shows the world, with a lot of activities on hold such as the garbage collectors thus making people to be cautious of their health and maintain cleanliness. The red cross explains that this season we rely on God so much so that he can't intervene on this pandemic. We also have an image of a child at home stuck on her desktop since the schools are and will still be closed because of the pandemic.

- Finard Kazungu

Concordia Primary School

Class 8

View Finard's picture here..

More illustrations from the Challenge:

See what the rest of the world is doing on #VoicesofYouth Challenge here..

Participate on the challenge, follow the link below:

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