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Enter the Art for Well-being competition by answering this question in our design, music and film categories – deadline 29th July 2023.

Arts is a great tool for building useful life skills and is a way to connect with others, using imagination, self-expression, and creativity.

PMNCH’s "Art for Well-being Competition", open to young people aged 10-24, has three categories: film, video and design through which we want to see you express yourself and answer the question “What does well-being mean to you?”. This competition, and the “What Young People Want” Initiative are just some of the ways we are giving the floor to young people around the world to express what they want for their well-being, in support of the Global Forum for Adolescents and the 1.8 Campaign.

Quality and relevance to the five domains of adolescent well-being will be crucial for successful entries to the competition and selected masterpieces will be featured at the Global Forum for Adolescents itself, at major events leading up to the Global Forum such as UN General Assembly in New York and throughout the 1.8 Billion Young People for Change campaign. Submissions are accepted until 29th July 2023, with winners decided through a social-media and jury vote, and announced at the Global Forum for Adolescents, 11-12 October 2023.


A .JPG of your drawing/ painting/ graphic design/ illustration


A 2-5 minutes video of your short film/spoken word/ poem


A 2-3 minute video of your song/ rap

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