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Towards Building the Community Resilience through Sports

Sports is an important enabler of sustainable development and as an organization we recognize the growing contribution of sports to the realization of development and peace.

Today YOWPSUD was privileged to be part of the process of harnessing the tremendous potential of sports in the #ConcordiaCommunity, something that the community has been longing for especially engaging through volley ball sporting activities.

Sport is not limited to the practice of physical activities. It is in fact, a recreational space where a healthy lifestyle is promoted, through physical and mental development. It is a place where individuals converge to improve their social skills, strengthen cultural values and adapt to rules. Physical activities improve individual health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally, and teach important values and social skills. But sport doesn’t just empower on an individual basis; it also unites and inspires people collectively, which builds communities.

Why YOWPSUD use sports as a tool in PCVE?

At the community level sports has the unique power to attract, mobilize and create an atmosphere where people can come together and work together towards the same goal and show respect to one another. It is evident that through sporting activities, different types conflicts can be reduced to help build the peaceful coexistence in the communities.

In contributing to the SDG Goal 3: Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Wellbeing for All, at all Ages, we had participation of both youth and the elderly engaging in the exercise.

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