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Youth development is a process that prepares a young person to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve his or her full potential. Youth development is promoted through activities and experiences that help youth develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies.

The role of the youth is simply to renew, refresh and maintain. Youth have a role to renew and refresh the current status of our society including leadership, innovations, skills etc. Youth are expected to advance the current technology, education, politics, peace of the country. On the other hand, youths have also to maintain the culture of our culture, all good values in the societies, development projects, etc.

Young Cities program has been offering a series of training workshops, seed funding and ongoing mentorship to help young activists design and create campaigns for local change that respond to the needs of their communities. The youth are connected with key local partners from municipal government and civil society who are able to support their goals, and build out strategic local networks for cooperation.

On Friday 21st, Human Rights Agenda (HURIA) launched the 3rd Cohort of the program; In 2021 Young Cities is supporting 6 youth groups; Lonamac mombasa county, #AchaGunShikaMic, Angaza mombasa, Kigoda Pwani, Peace monitors and Haki Mashinani from Kwale.

The launch ceremony was officiated by the Mombasa County Director (Youth and resilience) Munira Hamisi and the Coast Region Director-Ministry of ICT, innovation and Youth Affairs. (MIIYA)

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