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One Kenya One Family Peace Campaign

Towards fostering greater commitment to peaceful elections and increase youth, women and the elderly participation in the 2022 General Elections.

Tagged, "Family is Not Biology but Loyalty"

Recognizing the need for unique approaches to counter and prevent evolving trends of hate speech and different narratives created to cause social disintegration in the community, Youth and Women for Peace and Sustainable Development (YOWPSUD) has created a peace campaign tagged #OneKenyaOneFamily.

The campaign is aiming at turning around Kenya towards becoming a peaceful country where different communities blend and coexist peacefully accommodating youth, women and the elderly in the community. With the current shift of focus to the youth in matters of economic instability, peace and security leaving behind the elderly in the process of strategies and policies creation, the voice of the elderly has been diminished at some point.

This has led to the gap between the youth and the elderly, with cases of the elderly being assassinated from the community simply because of their elderly state and from other family related trauma.

From this angle, YOWPSUD’s creative and innovation team leader who is also an artist know as Taylor Torch came up with the idea of raising awareness through a very unique approach. By targeting different families to champion the peace campaign by telling their stories of resilience in order to motivate and inspire other families to be resilient. For example, families that were affected by either economic crisis or post-election violence. Using music to make the approach vocal and visible since music is a tool that can be helpful on mental health and also uniting people as one. #OneKenyaOneFamily

With the tagged phrase, “Family is Not Biology but Loyalty,” the slogan is aiming to unite and keep the both of Kenyan citizen as one family, emphasizing on peaceful coexistence before, during and after electioneering period. YOWPSUD is also reaching out to communities, stakeholders, government and philanthropist to champion this noble idea and take it to another level. With more than 1 million potential impact on social media, the campaign message has been easily received by Kenyans giving a good will to keep the peace and also personalizing the whole concept by singing along together.


To foster greater commitment to peaceful elections, and increase youth, women and the elderly participation in the 2022 General Elections and beyond.


  1. Successful peacebuilding hook-ups creating an environment supportive of self-sustaining and durable peace.

  2. Prevent conflict from starting; integrate civil society and addressing underlying structural and societal issues.

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