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Launch of the Arive Program in Kilifi County.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Pamoja Initiative! Building Resilience of Communities and Youth Against Violent Extremism.

In October 2021, the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) provided funding for the ARIVE Program in Kenya, initially covering seven counties: Mombasa, Lamu, Garisa, Wajir, Isiolo, and Nyeri. Following the initial successful implementation, GCERF, in consultation with the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), decided to expand the program to an additional 8 counties. Kwale, Kilifi, Tana River, Mandera, Marsabit, Meru, Nakuru and Kiambu.

The program's core objective is to address the PCVE system, fostering better coordination and collaboration among state and non-state actors. It seeks to overcome the pervasive issue of high levels of distrust between the government and communities. Additionally, it aims to amplify the voices of those most at risk of radicalization and recruitment, voices that have often gone unheard within the established forums, platforms, and policies designed to enhance resilience against Violent Extremism.

In September 2023, YOWPSUD was funded by GCERF through Act Change Transform (Act!) to be the lead CSO to implement critical pillars of the Kilifi County Action Plan by strengthening the capacity of the County Engagement Forum's to facilitate coordination and implementation of the KCAP promoting a multi-stakeholder approach and building sustainability that goes along way towards preventing violent extremism at the local level.

YOWPSUD's program scope focuses on Kilifi South, Kilifi North, Malindi, and Magarini Sub Counties. The program's primary goals include improving stakeholder coordination and fostering collective engagement in KCAP implementation, enhancing socio-economic opportunities for youth, involving the private sector in PCVE and CAPs, promoting full engagement of women in informal and formal security structures, strengthening social cohesion among diverse social groups, and enhancing the overall social well-being and quality of life for youth.

Watch the inaugural episode of #AriveKilifi Pamoja Initiative below!

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