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Join the Climate Change Movement with Arts Help—$3.5 Million in grants!

Talent House is partnering with Arts Help to give away $3.5m in grants to our community, so you can fund your creative projects that are aimed at fighting climate change.

You can propose any art project your heart can dream of. The project proposed can be in any medium and you can be located anywhere in the world. There is $3.5m to give away, with tiers of varying sizes (detailed below), and you can submit multiple proposals, not just one.

Need some inspiration? Check out these examples of art against climate change.

Calling all artists in the fight against Climate Change! It is undeniably real—and it is a global crisis that needs to be addressed today, with YOUR help as an artist.

Arts Help is partnering with the Talenthouse community to distribute over 3.5 million dollars in grants to artists worldwide to create educational, powerful, and inspiring works of art exploring the relationship between Climate Change and Blockchain Technology. The goals of these works are to educate, raise awareness, and effect change.

Artists of all mediums are encouraged to participate! While blockchain technology is relatively new, its relationship with and direct impact on the Climate Change crisis continues to evolve and expand. We all know that blockchain as it currently exists is not environmentally friendly but there are also many applications of blockchain that could potentially have a positive impact on Climate Change too.

Selected Creators will be chosen by Arts Help to move forward with the grant funding process until funding runs out. (Don’t sleep on this!)

Your final, completed work may be featured on official Arts Help and Conscious Crypto Creator channels and should emphasize Climate Change Action in the blockchain world now and tomorrow—creating something both educational and impactful enough to inspire the viewer to take action.

With the launch of the Conscious Crypto Creator movement, Arts Help hopes to educate artists and the general public on both the positive and negative impacts of blockchain technology on the planet. Artists are always at the forefront of social activism and the impact of modern technologies on Climate Change is no exception.

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