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IYD 2021: Creatives Interview (Tianna Jones)

Transforming food systems; Youth innovation for human and planetary health

The theme of International Youth Day 2021, “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”, highlights the success of such a global effort will not be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people.

In commemoration of the #IYD2021, YOWPSUD is aiming at empowering the youth with a platform to embrace and expose their art and also building their contextual capacity by sensitizing the artists on the importance of aligning their content with SDGs.

During an interview with an author, a singer, an entrepreneur, concept creator and a founder of Cargirlbooks LLC. Here is what she had to say about the #IYD2021.

Name: Tianna Jones Aka Cali Fae

Country: United States of America

1. What inspires you to do music?

Music inspires me for the better understanding of healing and hope! My faith drives my ambitious values of continuing this music path!

2. What is special about International Youth Day?

As part of the youth I am inspired to see the adversity and advanced way of technology shows the existence of values in freedom laws! Creating value for the world! This day is an honorable day for us all!

3. What role can artists play in transforming food systems?

Artists in valuable cause can help each other create events to host to give food to the communities to earn money to pay for the food from donations.

4. What message do you have for the youth?

My message to the youth is to continue helping each other in faithful aspects of life! Try hard to help one person, yourself and God once a day! Create a wave pattern of strong unity! Show freedom!

"I'm the show, you're what your hustle did"

Check out Tianna Jones interview at the Donna Drake Show and get to know more about her. Also check her social media handles. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Spotify

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