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Empowering women in every aspect

Mirna Ayshoa,

I am a drummer from Iraq. Playing music or doing any music activity professionally as an Iraqi is a dangerous thing to do. Some people had their lives threatened for teaching music or being musicians yet we could still play music at home or at church for me. I always hand drummed since childhood. I came to the united states in 2015 by myself to study my science degree. Just coming here as a single female was a challenge to my culture that doesn’t always approve or encourage such action from a woman. In 2018 I decided to play the drum set. I learned pretty quickly and played with multiple bands in Colorado. I am now focused in metal and hard rock drumming. I am also the founder of female metal drummers group on Facebook.

My goal is to inspire women to play heavier and faster physically demanding types of music. Female drummers need to see someone else that looks like them doing such physical activity to make them inspired to do the same. My goal has always been inspiring women and empowering them. I encouraged women to study abroad on the risk of being against the culture in Iraq. I still do that and will always do that for women in music or education or any career that's make dominant. As I was empowered by some women in my life, I will empower others too.

Photo credit: Daugherty Photographs Ltd.

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