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Call for applications: Music course in Tanzania

Action Music Academy (AMA) is calling on Tanzanian musicians to apply for its music course for the 2021-22 academic year.

AMA offers an intensive professional training programme for young Tanzanian musicians that culminates in a formal certificate in music.

The curriculum was developed in collaboration with the Global Music Academy in Germany through the East African Global Music Campus in Ethiopia and the support of the Goethe-Institut and Erasmus+(link is external) programme of the European Union.

“The Academy will open up new career opportunities for you in the music industry, not just as a professional musician but also as a music teacher, a recording engineer or a cultural manager within the music industry,” AMA said.

In the first year, students will:

  • Study their principal instrument and/or voice intensively.

  • Learn to read and write African music.

  • Study harmony, ear training and keyboard harmony.

  • Gain experience playing in bands and ensembles.

In the second year, students will:

  • Broaden skills on the main instrument and/or voice.

  • Develop music reading skills further by studying harmony, ear training, and keyboard harmony.

  • Gain more experience playing in bands and ensembles.

  • Learn how to use computer-based music notation software.

  • Learn the ins and outs of the music industry.


  • Biography.

  • Proof for the level of education.

  • Referee.

Note: In addition to the two-year professional training programme, the academy also offers instrumental/vocal lessons to anyone interested in learning an instrument or getting vocal training. There is no age limit.

Interested musicians can download the application form here and apply before 20 October.

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