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AWIU Grants

AWIU: Encouraging woman-to-woman interaction around the world since 1968

Central to AWIU’s mission is its commitment to strengthening the work of women across the world through grants. At its inception in 1968, AWIU issued grants for individual women, which enabled them to travel to the United States for study. In recent years, with such great changes in travel and communications, AWIU’s grant program now focuses upon issuing micro-grants to women’s groups, or groups which enhance the wellbeing of women within a developing country. For example, in 2019 AWIU’s grant program supported sixteen small NGOs, centering on Africa, South Asia, and Central America. Projects include supporting elementary education for girls in India, to sustainable cassava cultivation in Malawi, to seeding a thread bank and vocational training for an indigenous women’s cooperative in Guatemala.

International Women of Courage Grants

AWIU continues to provide individual grants to the women whom the State Department designates as International Women of Courage.

Grant Application

AWIU provides grants to grassroots women’s groups in developing countries for short-term, concrete projects. These projects typically support advancement for women in the areas of education, skill training, health, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

Grant Criteria

Preference is given to projects that:

  1. Are women-led

  2. Are concrete in nature

  3. Are time-limited

  4. Are focused on education, health or entrepreneurial development

  5. Have a quantifiable outcome

  6. Have a potential multiplier effect

  7. Are not more than USD 5,000

  8. Have two verifiable references

  9. Are recommended by International Women of Courage, personnel of the U.S. government or other individuals or entities favorably known to AWIU

2021 Grant Award Decision Timeline

We offer mini-grants for specific small projects to non-profit organizations around the world. Each application is carefully reviewed and considered within our budgetary limitations. The project should fit within one of three categories: Entrepreneurial, Education & Training, or Health & Welfare.

The 2022 Grant Cycle is now open. Grant applications will be accepted until February 28th, 2022. Grants will be awarded in June 2022.

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