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We Create Change Kenya Program (2nd Cohort) 2023

Deadline 9th June 2023

What is the AIM of We Create Change program?

The aim of the program is to build a committed and supportive community of advocacy champions in Kenya who are running their own campaigns as well as supporting each other to run campaigns..

Change leaders will be taken through a 5-day long series of immersive online training from 3rd to 7th July 2023 at 3pm to 6pm (Mon-Fri) with some of the most influential guest speakers and facilitators handpicked from our network. The training will be geared towards equipping them with and strengthening their skills on starting and sustaining digital campaigns on issues they want to work on, creating achievable goals and clarity on their change making journey, making their own choices and decisions, mastery of their campaign and their confidence and self-power as agents of change.

After the training sessions, change leaders continue to be engaged as part of an online community which helps them develop campaigns and campaigning skills. Through the program, selected change leaders will develop their digital campaigning skills and become part of a community of change leaders from across Kenya.

The community will provide a safe and encouraging space where change leaders who have gone through the program can share their skills and resources to take their campaign and those of their fellow change leaders forward.


To qualify for a fellowship into the program, you need to meet the the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a Kenyan between the age of 18 and 35 years old

  • Be interested in working on OR have worked on issues related to Health, Education, Sanitation, Gender Equality/Justice, and Climate Change.

  • Be able to articulate clearly and have a STRONG REASON WHY you have been working on or want to work on any of the above five (5) issue areas.

  • Be interested and willing to commit to starting a petition on any one of the above five (5) issues on the platform.

  • Come from a community/background that is considered marginalised or underprivileged or disadvantaged or be interested in working on issue areas that affect and would impact marginalised communities/groups.

  • Be active on social media or willing to commit to open a social media account and use social media as the primary platform to amplify your voice and the campaign you will work on.

  • Demonstrated commitment to community development through any form of social impact and community work you have already done or plan to do in the future.

  • Willingness and commitment to continue working on and proactively drive your social impact/ advocacy campaign throughout the program and after.

WHERE and WHEN will the program/training take place?

The 1st edition of the program will be held online from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th July 2023 respectively via zoom from 3pm to 6pm. Nguvu Collective will make all the virtual arrangements with selected finalists.

How much time can I take to confirm my participation?

Once you have cleared the two levels of selection (which are; completing the application form by answering all questions AND an interview stage), you will receive an agreement which is a document that will briefly describe the programmatic expectations, key dates and what you will be committing to. You will have to confirm your participation by completing, signing and submitting/returning the agreement.

In which LANGUAGE is the training delivered?

The training is delivered in English. All participants must be able to read, write and understand basic English.

How much time can I take to confirm my participation?

Please confirm your participation by submitting the Agreement form by date

What is the ‘We Create Change’ Community?

During the program, you will meet 39 other amazing change leaders from across the country, who like you are just joining the program. This is the ‘We Create Change’ Community that you will become a part of, who will support you in your endeavors to create change. And you will in turn support other members of this community to help them make the change they want to see.

How will the selected change leaders engage with this community?

After the training, as you begin to run your campaign, the We Create Change community will be your online learning space. Your change leader peers - from all cohorts - will support you as you put to use the skills that you have learned during the online training sessions. You will also learn many new skills from each other and from the online learning activities and sessions facilitated by As a change leader, you will need about 3-4 hours every day throughout the 5-days between 3rd and 7th July 2023 to participate in the immersive online sessions, work on your campaign, and support other community members in running their campaigns.

What will online community engagement involve?

Once you complete the online training sessions, as you begin to run your campaign, the ‘We Create Change Community’ will be your online learning space. Your fellow change leaders will support you as you put to use the skills that you learnt during the online sessions. You will also learn many new skills from each other and from the online learning activities and sessions conducted by facilitators from Nguvu Collective. You would need to set aside at least 8 hours per month to participate in the online sessions, to work on your campaign and to support other community members in their campaigns.


Among many things, including building lasting relationships with change leaders from across the country, you will learn:-

  • How to launch and run a successful campaign

  • How to critically think about an issue and figure out strategic solutions.

  • How to build support - with an online community, using online tools, and with your own personal community.

  • How to reach out to decision-makers and the media.

  • How to sustain a campaign over several months.

  • How to organize and provide skill support to other community members so that the community moves forward together.

  • How to be a leader and an important voice in the issue areas that you work or want to work in.

  • How to build and foster their own micro-communities.

Who will be conducting the training sessions?

We’re going to have a range of trainers from Nguvu Collective and and from other organizations. You will also learn from international experts. The storytellers will share not only their expertise but also their lived experiences to help you refine your skills and personal stories.

Who are the other participants?

They are all young change leaders just like you from across the country. Most of them are either in the process of starting their own campaigns or are successful petition starters on the platform..

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the program?

After attending all the online sessions and publishing your petition on the platform, you will receive a certificate of completion. The end of your program experience is only the start of every participant’s changemaking journey. You will continue to be a part of the community for as long as you wish. Some campaigns run for a long time and, of course, every change leader will run more than one campaign during their journey. Keeping this in mind, membership in the We Create Change community is lifelong. Your community will continue to support you for as long as it takes!

Are there any prerequisites for the Online Training Sessions?

You will be required to use Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram extensively and participate in video calls, work on assignments and publish your petitions. You should be comfortable with using the internet, have access to a good Internet connection at home, access to a quiet room/space for the duration of the online sessions and commitment and ability to set up for all online calls uninterrupted.

Do I have to pay a fee to participate?

NO! Your virtual/online participation will be organised by Nguvu Collective via zoom or Google Meet. Every one who makes it into the program will receive internet support during the week-long training in the form of a standard data package worth 2,000-3,000KES/KShs (either phone data bundles for those mainly accessing the internet from their mobile devices or a direct payment contribution to your internet provider towards a portion of your monthly home internet bill for those who have a monthly home setup).

Please NOTE that in both cases, the amount in KES/KShs of the modest internet support provided is the same. Any other expenses will have to be borne by you.

Will I get paid/Is there a stipend?



Do I have to attend all 5 days of week-long sessions?

The program is designed to build your campaign and community skills step by step over the predetermined and communicated period of time (3-4 hours daily for 5 days). Therefore it is essential to attend the entire program. You will be closely engaging and learning from a host of trained professionals and several other like minded campaigners like yourself. Because of the ambitious plans for the program and because of the limited time, we need a commitment from all change leaders to attend all the hours daily from 3pm to 6pm for 5 days of immersive online training (continuously and consistently).

Can I take half-day off in the middle of the program?

NO, we wouldn’t want you to miss an important part of the training. We require your commitment to be present for the entire duration of the online training sessions and support us in creating a positive experience for the community of change leaders.

If I am not free during the communicated training duration, when is the next program?

If this happens and you are among the finalists, please let us know by sending us an email at and copy/Cc the program lead and

We will keep you updated! We’re hoping to run a 3rd cohort program later this year in August or September.

What if I have a question that is not covered Here?

Kindly send an email to and copy/Cc the program lead and with your exact inquiry. Be sure to type the following on the email subject: ‘Inquiry - We Create Change 2.0’ so that we are able to locate, respond quickly to your questions and provide the assistance you require.

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