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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

06th - 09th January, 2022 at Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul International MUN will take place in Istanbul, Turkey and simulate and model the United Nations to expose the participating youth to the global economic, political, and social affairs to enable them to be the leaders of the future and find plausible solutions to bring about peace and unity. Individuals take up the role of delegates to represent different nations and engage in a discourse of diplomacy and leadership to solve world crisis.

Istanbul International MUN is a project of Neoterican LLC. Neoterican is a US-based organization committed to provide the youth with an international exposure. We, at Neoterican, aim to engage the youth in various forms of discourses to expose them to the problems of the world and enable them to draft plausible and best solutions. We yearn to make the leaders of tomorrow, today.

Our mission is to inculcate a new vision in the youth we serve. We bring to them a platform, where they are immersed wholly, as leaders and peacemakers, in an environment where they have to uptake the responsibilities as leaders and come together with each other to conclude what will the world best.

Through our projects, we yearn to impart meaningful and important skills in the young generation that becomes a part of us. We aim to develop leadership skills, diplomatic skills, analytical and assessment skills, and most importantly, the ability to negotiate, compromise and understand each other. We believe in equal opportunity for everyone and that’s why, in our programs, we focus on each and every participant equally. We are committed to build confidence, sociability, tolerance, and empathy in the participants. Istanbul International Model United Nations is our upcoming event. It is a simulation of the United Nations where participants come as delegates and are allotted different nations to represent. These delegates will formulate solutions together to various matters concerning the world. These delegates will become a part of our international social network and play their part for a better tomorrow. Learn more at

At Neoterican, we contribute a portion of our revenue to carbon removal. We believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re proud to fund next-generation carbon removal.

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