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#OneKenyaOneFamily Challenge

Every Tuesday is a #GivingTuesday: Celebrating Generosity

Everyone has something to give. Kenya is one of the most generous countries in the world, and its generosity is reflected across all socio-cultural and economic levels. Underserved youth are significantly impacted by the challenges we have experienced in the last years, including covid, heightened levels of insecurity and loss of livelihood.

Connecting with youth and communities around the world, even those facing different challenges, on giving Tuesday is a moment of reflection and an opportunity to appreciate how our acts of kindness have been a source of resilience and unity in the most challenging moments. On GivingTuesday, we join the rest of the world in celebrating and amplifying generosity and solidarity in contributing to peaceful societies. To join us, share one act of kindness.

Share that one act of kindness that helped reduce stress and anxiety and inspire others to commit to generosity and kindness. Your resilience today is a result of somebody; let’s appreciate them.

Make a short video or type a message on our pages of you appreciating that one or so persons that came to your aid, post on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook and share the video with us and we will share this on the 29th of November 2022. “

Use the hashtags

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