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My Story of Resilience 2

Halima Kadzo Ngala, from Vikwatani - Nguu Tatu. Proud mother of 7 and 7 grand children. She pulls through struggles in life to feed her family by doing casual labor (i.e., laundry services and farming)

Since the strike of Covid-19; just like many others Halima struggled to get these jobs. she would not be successful and in such days she is forced to ask help from her neighbors to feed her family.

She is grateful for her family that they are safe from the Covid-19. When in company with other women in their groups ; Halima always provides advice and creates awareness on safety measures on covid-19 and how they can keep their families away from the pandemic. On the other hand, these women encourage each other to be steadfast on entrepreneurship to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities so as to secure their future within families and community at large.

Halima shows her resilience to continue working hard for her family despite her struggles, especially during the period of covid-19. Her story is an inspiration and motivation to many other women going through similar challenges.

#MyStoryofResilience #RuralWomen

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