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Networking and Collaboration

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Making a courtesy call to Kwale CEC. Youth Sports and Culture Hon. Ramadhan Bungale

YOWPSUD thought that for smooth implementation of it's projects in Kwale and other counties, it is very important to seek partnership and collaboration with relevant key actors on the ground. Hence making several and frequent courtesy calls for By-ins.

"As CEC in-charge of Culture within Kwale County, the iDove project, - Harnessing the potential of African Traditional Storytelling in PCVE, is timely and ideal noting that Kwale is rich in Culture and Diversity."

The Project Thematic area, will be;

(i) Ng'ombeni

(ii) Kombani

(iii) Diani

The target beneficiaries;

- Youth (Male/Female)

- Religious Leaders (inter-faith)

- Cultural Leaders

- Women and Men

- National Government and County Government

- Civil Societies

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