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Global Youth Religion and Mediation Course

Equipping youth mediators and peacebuilding practitioners with the knowledge and tools to analyze violent conflicts through an inclusive lens.




The Peacemakers Network is pleased to announce the call for applications for the “2023 Global Youth Religion and Mediation Course” (#YouthMediatesChange).

In line with the 2020-2025 Five-Year Strategy of the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers, the Peacemakers Network has developed its first-ever religion and peace mediation course training specifically for youth! In building upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland’s leading Youth, Peace and Security work, as well as its work in advancing peace mediation around the world, this course offers the unique opportunity to bring together 20 young people and expert trainers to strengthen the role that youth play as mediators within their communities through engaging the cohort in critical peace mediation approaches, skills, and tactics that they can utilize within the conflicts they are addressing.

The course will equip youth mediators and peacebuilding practitioners with the knowledge and tools to analyze violent conflicts with religious dimensions through an inclusive and intersectional lens, as well as to build upon their mediation skills in order to bolster their efforts within diverse communities and contexts. This course will not only engage and uplift expert youth mediators already doing the work in their communities, but will also support intergenerational engagement of those faith mediators in higher-levels of peace mediation processes, including traditional and faith-based insider mediators (TFIMs) and women of faith and value-based mediators.

The training consists of facilitated and interactive online exchanges combining expert inputs, discussions, exercises, videos, peer-to-peer exchange, mentoring and case studies. While youth are already negotiating their way to be included within decision-making rooms, building upon their mediation skills and efforts will only help to further advance their leadership in mediation and peacebuilding processes.

Eligibility Criteria

Selection of participants will take into consideration gender, geography, and professional background. Below are eligibility criterial for youth participants: 1. Ages 18-35. 2. Active in the field of peace mediation. (Participants must have skills and experience in peace mediation and negotiations). Priority will be given to participants who are, or will be, working in support of peace processes at various levels. 3. Interest in faith-oriented peacemaking or interested in the role of religion in peacebuilding. 4. Good level of English (the program in its entirety will be conducted in English – no translation service). 5. Participants are expected to commit to attending the precursor online components of the training and to read all background and preparatory material for the course carefully. 6. Able to travel to Helsinki and stay throughout the program from 23-27 October 2023. 7. By applying and if selected, agree to apply your learnings from the course and showcase your efforts six months following the conclusion of the training. This could be completed through a written piece, video, or other creative ideas! 8. Fill out the application form and within the form submit a two to three minute video explaining why youth leadership and participation within mediation is critical and how this course would be beneficial to your professional growth within peace mediation efforts.

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