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Africa Content Submission

Africa Prime is looking to Purchase or Lease Completed Productions of Africa-Centric Video Content

Categories of Interest:

  1. Business, Profiles, News

  2. Documentaries, Struggle

  3. History, Education

  4. Lifestyle, Celebrities Fashion, Food

  5. Culture, Fashion, Music, Arts

  6. Travel, Tourism, Hospitality

  7. Sport, Science, Achievers

Africa Prime aims to be the depository of the best stories about Africa told by Africans themselves. Stories about yesterday, but also about today and tomorrow. Stories that reflect the rich historical, cultural and human heritage of the continent, but also reflect faith in its peoples and hope for its future. Stories that inform the world about Africa’s outstanding sons and daughters and remarkable successes. Africa Prime is inviting independent video producers and filmmakers who adhere to that vision to share their stories by submitting completed productions via the forms here.

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