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Acha Gun Shika Mic Album Launch

Drop the Gun and Grab the Mic (#AchaGunShikaMic) campaign kicked off in 2021, a six month project aiming at reducing youth recruitment into violent gangs by empowering and enabling positive youth role models in music and arts to offer alternatives and counter the narrative around gangs.

#AchaGunShikaMic Album Taking over the Coast Music industry this year with various artists from different Backgrounds featured with Ohmslaw Montana as the Main artist on the album.

The project was targeting 6 artists from 6 constituencies in Mombasa Kenya. A challenge was posed in June 17th 2021 whereby artists had to submit their application to be part of the campaign and the response was great.

The album involved artists from different backgrounds and representing different area codes. Taylor Torch of Red Light Districte, BLK Mtengwa, Mikkah Dlly and EMkay of 6ixFour Gang from Kisauni, Wadau East, Silver Digital, Franck West, Dutch all Day Chapaz OG, Yaman 420, Barcolo Wuod Ken, Cardiac Poet, The Monk, Papa Bulo, Sodi and Krisspy.

According to the rapper, the journey was not as smooth as it may seem to be, but with the continuous support from the partners and motivation from the funs, the project implementation was successful and the album launch set the ground on fire.

The Key partners, Young Cities, Human Rights Agenda and the Mombasa County Government played a very key role in making sure the project was successful and the artist had smooth day in day out sessions in the studio, during the workshops and also during the media tours. This project has proven the fact that music is a very important tool in peace building.

Ohmslaw Montana and the team made sure that the artists stuck on the script as far as content creation is concern, touching base on the Peace Building Perspective. The content touches on different genres, Hip-Hop, Rap, Drill, Amapiano and Afro vibes.

Through the journey of implementing the project, a lot was realized i.e: reunion of friendships, reconcilement of gangs that have had beef in the past years and unity in different music groups. Artists have realized the importance of using music as an alternative to prevent conflict and violence.

6ix 4our gang from Kisauni set the pace for the event with their first track on the album which stands as a motivation record "For the Kids" and emphasizes that Change is real because the gang has been through a lot in the streets and they are a true definition of change. With their performance on the track blessing, which was truly a blessing to the funs, 6ix 4our is standing up for change, resilience and the importance of education to their generation and the coming generation at large.

Wadau East contributing to the #GIRLTURE campaign drive worldwide, they had a dedication song to the women, giving them a very special position in the community playing a critical role which came out in the content of the song tagged "Ngoma ya Wasupa." Wadau East is a music group from Mombasa which set to change perspective of Afro Vibes at the coast. With their vibe flowless the came out clean on the track contributing to the culture of independency in young women, giving a message to the young women that they should be independent in reducing GBV cases globally.

Under the album, there was a song dedicated to the "Mothers" tagged "Mama" recorded and performed by Chapaa OGs, a music group from Mshomoroni.

They gave out their pure respect to the very special person in the world. The very interesting part is when they describe the roles played by the mother in conflict resolution. This also stood out as a motivational song the young mothers.

The #WHO came in next after a pace set by one and only Boy Wale who took off the stage with a drill music bringing out Taylor Torch from Red Light Districte, a Music Group known with the projects like Kicks & Kickers album done in 2014.

For a year now Drill Music has dominated the music wave in Kenya and with it's history on violence activities and praising violence acts, the music still spreads like fire. Taylor Torch's feature on the "WHO" is to counter the narrative giving an alternative to PVE.

"#KenyanDrill needs an invention of positive content especially during the period of elections. Young artists need to put out more content that contributes to peace and unity not violence" explains Taylor.

Listen to the #WHO

"Drilling for Social impact" - Ohmslaw Montana

Check out the Documentary on #AchaGunShikaMic

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